Jette Virdi


Jette Virdi, food stylist and photographer

Do you want to create impactful visuals that communicate your brand's voice?

You've come to the right place.


I'm Jette, a food stylist and photographer. I help food and drink brands big and small to create beautiful imagery that truly deliver the brands message, create meaningful memories with new and existing customers and help brands establish themselves within the market place.


Here's what I believe in


1. Your brand deserves visuals that will effectively communicate your voice and message.

2. Your brand's visuals will truly set you apart from the competition.

3. Having a strong, clear visual voice will allow you to keep your brand on the right path.

4. Collaboration is a really inspiring and wonderful thing.


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How I work

Like most industry specialists, each food stylist and photographer has their own way of working. I believe that collaboration is best and having me on board from the beginning of a project will allow you and your brand to have specific and clear goals from the outset.

I have different rates for food styling, photography or a combined day and they also vary depending on whether the work is commercial or editorial.

From the outset we will have discussed rates, hours and what exactly you can expect from me - is mood board creation involved? Do I cook food? Where will the shoot happen etc. To help you out I created this handy PDF on what you can expect when you work with me as a food stylist.


Jette Virdi, food stylist and photographer

Who am I?

I've been a food stylist and photographer for the last 4 years and I've worked with some of the biggest food and drink brands to some of the smallest who are just starting out.

I've done commercial, editorial, tv and lifestyle and I love all aspects of a shoot and working with brands. I love seeing a campaign come to life, to see the impact beautiful visuals can have on the market place and seeing the joy on a clients face when they can tangibly feel and notice the difference.

You can see a larger list of my clients here , a portion of my portfolio here and I'm currently working to get some testimonials up.