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I have 4 options to suit your needs whether you own a food or drink brand, work for a PR or marketing company or just want a little help.




The Full styling lab


So, you've decided it's really time to take your brands imagery seriously. YAY! It's a big and brave first step, but one that I know you are going to find makes such a difference. The FULL STYLING LAB is a 12 week 1-to-1 course where I take you through everything (and I mean everything) you need to know to creating your brands own unique look, imagery that shines and works in your favour.

Each week I'll be sending you a specific task to complete along with helpful hints and tips plus, we'll have a chat (in person, via email or phone) so that you are held to accountability and really do the work. Yep, I'm going to get you fired up and ready to create!

Each task is designed to get you digging deep into your brand and it's story, showing you how to create visuals with handy tips and tricks as well as getting you confident to carry on after the 12 weeks are through. We'll cover different aspects such as tools to help you schedule, ways to keep your brands look on point, my handy styling tips, colour palettes, creating a unique voice and much, much more.

At the end of it, you'll have all the necessary tools you need to carry on a social media imagery schedule, create your own visuals and have the confidence to show off your brand.


This is for you if:

  • you are 100% ready to take your brand to the next level

  • you have the commitment to work at creating your visuals to better place your brand in the market place

  • you've had a go at creating your own brands imagery and it's just not quite right but you know it's going to make all the difference

  • you want to create a purposeful image strategy and want to do it properly

  • you want bespoke guidance from someone who's worked with the biggest and best brands in the industry






The Styling Lab


This is an online 6 week course purposefully built to work around your busy lives. I know as a food or drink producer - you're probably doing most things yourself and I also understand that this (visuals/imagery) is something that's probably been put on the back burner. But trust me, having great visuals and evocative imagery is really going to stand you apart from any competition. 

Before you start the 6 weeks STYLING LAB online course, we'll have a private 1-to-1 session over the phone or in person (if you live close by) because I believe that this is only worth your time if we focus on exactly what your needs are. Each STYLING LAB  course I do is bespoke and tailor made to what you, my client, needs the most help with when it comes to creating visuals. We'll cover everything from customers to products, stats to tools so that during your 6 weeks we specifically target the best area to work on for your brand. If that's not enough, we'll have a mid way chat after three weeks to see exactly how your tasks went, give you feedback and help you with things that have cropped up. The STYLING LAB also gives you a fantastic discount code for a 1hr styling session, to use within 1 month of finishing the course, with me personally so that you can see the styling process, how I work and get valuable hands-on practise with a professional.


This is for you if:

  • you really need some 1-on-1 help with your imagery and visuals but you don't have the time or money to go all out
  • you're really not sure exactly what you're sposed to be doing when it comes to imagery but you know it's not what's happening right now
  • you want to effectively communicate all of your brands messages to your client base and engage new customers
  • you want a purposeful image strategy that is cohesive, beautiful and doesn't take up a bunch of your time
  • you want guidance from someone who's worked with the best to create beautiful campaigns







That's right, you get me and my undivided attention for 3 whole hours where I'll be your guide, teacher and support through food styling. Prior to meeting we'll spend 2 hours getting to know your brand and it's voice so that when we do have our STYLING WORKSHOP we'll be right on track. I'll walk you through props, tips and techniques, mood board creation, styling do's and don'ts plus you'll get to tap into all my expertise and knowledge.

The STYLING WORKSHOP will be held at your house/studio or wherever you take/will be creating and taking your images so that we can work in exactly the same condition as you normally would. During our time together you'll create 4 usable images that will be the start to guiding you on your imagery creation journey for your brand.

This is for you if:

  • you want 1-on-1 hands on time with a profession food stylist and photographer
  • you want someone on hand to guide you through the basics
  • you just have no clue where you're really going wrong but can see it's not right
  • you really want someone there, by your side to teach you







Are you a Pr/Marketing firm and want to hire me for a shoot? Or maybe you're a food and drink producer and want to hire me for a campaign. Please email me for information on my RATE CARD.