(Whilst still having fun!)


You’ve got an idea for a business, you are super passionate about it, it’s pretty much the only thing you can think about but you’re hitting a dead end when it comes to HOW.

Do you need to have a newsletter, email account, customer service templates, a facebook page, an instagram page, twitter, snapchat, facebook ads, the list goes on and on and on. Doesn’t that “stuff” take up a huge amount of time? Time you could be spending on your dream.

And when it comes to starting, how do you even get started? What’s the first thing you should do? Do you just put it out there and see how it sells? How can you let people know about your business without feeling awkward and nervous?

Perhaps you know people will buy it, but who are those people? I mean where are they coming from?

Your head is spinning and already it feels too overwhelming to even contemplate. No it’s better to just stick with that boring 9-5 where Sheila complains about who ate her yoghurt and Brian, who farts every now and then and pretends it’s not him.

But you know how amazing your business could be! You can see in your minds eye people’s reaction to your business and how impactful it’s going to be.

But it seems really hard, a tonne of work and you’re not even sure if any of that work will pay off. If only you could get out of your own way, take a stand and decided “today is my day”.

How do you get from A(where you are now) to B (having a successful business with a solid foundation). If only there was a way you could get out of your own way and follow a clear and easy roadmap that took you from the overwhelm and uncertainty to true clarity and a step-by-step guide.


Are you ready to step up and make that dream happen? To step up in a way that doesn’t jeopardise your life circumstances, that doesn’t make you feel like you’re walking off a cliff’s edge or that you’ve gone mad!

I know that when I started my first business I was a headless chicken - pecking at all the “stuff” I should be doing which took my energy away from the the vital and strategic things I should have focused on.

I didn’t have a clue. And it hurt. It cost me time and energy and my sanity if I’m honest. I felt like I had to be this business persona I’d only every seen and that if I wasn’t, there wouldn’t be sales or people wouldn’t feel like I was a business owner (enter shoulder pads and speaking in really big words).

But now, starting businesses is my favourite thing of all time! Rather than feeling overwhelmed and scared or nervous to get it wrong, I have a clear step-by-step guide to get a business started in a successful and organic way. And the best thing about my method is that I get to be me. Every. Single. Time. I don’t have to change or be someone I think the world wants or needs to see. I’m me, and making the steps work for whatever stage of life I’m in. Pre -baby, during babe and post baby.

My step-by-step method works around my life and lets me get my business off the ground.

So how about 5 days of learning your roadmap to starting your successful business? Think of this as a crash course in getting your dream started that’s been tested over and over again.

Starting a business can feel exciting, life changing and nerve wracking but most of all, it can feel damn fulfilling. As with all of my teaching, it’s full of practical advice and the theory behind it, so there are loads of action steps for you to take straight away to get you laying a solid foundation for your business whilst getting confident with this new part of your life.

So how about it…Are you in?

We’ll be starting the course on Monday 14th October, I’ll be going live in a dedicated Facebook Group just for those taking the course. Each live session will be around 30minutes but honestly, sometimes a bit more! During the live session, I’ll be taking you through the day’s topic and setting some action steps for you.

We’ll be working with your business idea so that we can modify each step to your business and that way, give you MAXIMUM potency throughout the steps. If you don’t have a business idea knuckled down but you have more of a type of business, that’s fine too and throughout these 5 days you might find that your business idea gets more specific and you do end up with a final product - yay!

Of course, in an ideal world, you’ll take the action steps after each live so that at the end of the 5 days you have a plan in place to actually START! But, we both know that’s not quite how life works so even if you don’t manage to do the action step of the day, each live session will be recorded and that way you get access to this for life.


We will cover:

  • Finding the best channel that works on your terms to sell your products and how we don’t need to do it all to do it successfully.

  • Messaging around your product. What we think our messaging is, isn’t always what the world hears or sees. It’s really important before we launch to get feedback from our target market and even know who our target market is. I’m not talking infographics I’m talking psychographics here babe.

  • Creating a buzz and nurturing your community. We don’t want you to launch to crickets and for that not to happen, we need to get people excited. I’ll be talking about the 5 different ways to do that and get yourself some raving fans in the process.

  • Launching your offer. Woohooo. The hard work is done, now we let it out into the world. But there’s a very specific way we can do this to create sales and feedback. I’m going to be walking you through my exact selling process.

  • I’ll be giving you my blueprint for starting a successful business.

To grab your spot - click the button babe.

Please note, there are no refunds so please invest in yourself with thought. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


  1. I can’t make everyday, will the course still work for more?

    Yes babe, I’ll be posting a recorded version of the live sessions after each call so that if you missed it you’ve got it there to catch up on. This facebook group, will NOT go anywhere so you have access to this as long as facebook is around :)

  2. I don’t think I have the money right now, will you be running it again?

Honestly, I’m not sure if I will be running it again. The question I’d like to ask you is, can you afford not to spend €19.70 a day to invest in making sure your business succeeds from the start? That’s roughly 1 store bought lunch, a coffee and a glass of wine. Can you do without any of those for 5 days so that you can fully step into your dream and start living the life you want?

3. What if I already have a business and it’s not working?

Honestly babe, this isn't for you. This is for those who are starting from scratch, who are wanting a clear and step-by-step road map to making their business start on the best foot. If you have an existing business that’s not working out for you then I do have my Ready For More Membership that I’ll be launching at the end of November so keep your eyes peeled.

Any other questions, please feel free to email me: info@jettevirdi.com