Showing Off without Showing off Masterclass


We’ve all been there right? We’ve been chatting away to someone and the topic gets around to us and what WE do.

Do you go from eloquent, funny and confident person to mumbling into your glass while giving a botched one liner and quickly say “oh but you don’t want to hear about me, what about you?”

Sound familiar?

Yep, I’ve been there, I’ve felt the awkwardness. And then the awkwardness when we part ways and I’m like “urghhhhhh, why couldn’t you just say what you do Jette, for f*cks sake!”

It doesn’t feel hard when we’re by ourselves, practising infant of the mirror or in the elevator.

Yes John, I’m a bad ass bitch who paints naked bodies for a living and I’m actually working on such a great piece right now. It’s called Mamba.”

I mean talk about easy right? Yep. Simple? Oh for sure. In reality though - NO.

What is it that stops us from talking about what we do? Embarrassment? Confidence, or lack of? Perhaps there’s some self worth issues going on for you. Or perhaps babe, you just don’t like talking about yourself.

If ANY of these ^ sound like you I want you to join me for my free Masterclass:

Showing Off Without Showing Off

In it I’ll be teaching you how to go from

Nervous and mumbling —-> confident and clear

Awkward and blasé —-> concise and eloquent about what your do

Nervous about sharing your work —-> Stepping into your worth and being open about your work

Sound good? Then join me by signing up below as this will be invite only. Held on Monday 24th September 12pm GMT