Episode 5 - The Future is Female Podcast

Veronica Fossa - We Factory

The Future is Female Veronica Fossa

This week I’m looking towards the food area - one of my favourite! I used to work as a food stylist, photographer and consultant so this episode of The Future is Female was so fascinating for me.

This week I speak to Veronica Fossa who is a workplace eating designer, public speaker, writer, founder of WE Factory. I know right - I’ve never heard of it either and what I love the most is that this is something SHE HAS CREATED! She helps organisations, brands, and businesses become more nourishing places to work by transforming the conversations, rituals, and spaces around food in the workplace (what she calls ‘workplace eating culture’).

She is about to launch The Nourishing Workplace, a show that explores all the facets of food culture at work. It features conversations with corporate food program & restaurant managers, chefs, culture, HR & OD leaders, interior architects, and entrepreneurs. She also writes a popular newsletter called Pausa Pranzo, which means lunch break in Italian. Pausa Pranzo offers unconventional ideas on how to create a diverse, inclusive, and caring community, and make people come alive at work – through food. You can sign up to it here. When Veronica is not working on something food office-related, she enjoys life and family in the North East of Italy. But as a nomad at heart, with a number of cities and countries under her belts already, she is plotting her next big move.


We talked about Human Design

Speaking Fee Calculator

And the legend Brenè Brown.

Plus so much more!

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