Episode 1 - The Future is Female Podcast

Amanda Forth - The Crystal Boutique

The future is Female podcast with host jette virdi talking to Amanda forth

This week we have the absolute beauty that is Amanda Forth. I met Amanda in Bali back in 2018 and have been her instagram stalker plus customer since then.

She was so inspiring to me as a woman - moving her life from LA and marketing to beach life in Bali selling crystals and her story shows that if you follow your heart, have a little confidence in yourself and a lot of hope the world is literally, yours for the taking.

We talk crystals, mindset, lack of business plans and more and I know that you will love this episode as much as I do!


Crystal books

The book "The Crystal Bible"

The first crystals were all of the crystals in our Chakra Crystal Starter Kit

We talked about her time in Rajasthan in north India and did my Yoga Teacher Training in Riskikesh

And what she read while she was there: How Small Businesses Trade Worldwide, $100 Startup

Mentors she had were Beth Scholze and Vanessa Nilsson (when I worked at Conde Nast) and Heather Handel (when I worked at DailyCandy/NBCUniversal)

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