5 Day Roadmap to Starting a Successful Business

5 Day Roadmap to Starting a Successful Business


5 Day Roadmap to Starting a Successful Business. Think of this as a crash course in getting your dream started that’s been tested over and over again with me, Jette. .

Starting a business can feel exciting, life changing and nerve wracking but most of all, it can feel damn fulfilling. As all of my teachings it’s full of practical and theory, so there’s loads of action steps for you to take straight away to get you laying a solid foundation for your business whilst getting confident with this new part of your life.

Over the 5 days I’ll be teaching you my proven step-by-step method in how to launch a successful business and how I went from overwhelmed and with way too much stuff I thought I had to do, to creating this amazingly simple and easy to follow technique. We’ll be talking community nurturing and creating a buzz to product offers and pr tips and so much more.

Kick off is on October 14th at 10am GMT every day for 5 days in the Facebook group and you’ll have access to the recorded sessions for life. There will be actionable steps, take aways and lots of practical steps for you to implement as well as some vital mindset shift work.

There are no refunds so please invest with thought and if you have any questions, please email me.

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