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Punch cafe photographed by Jette Virdi in Singapore

Punch cafe is like a scene from Australia. Industrial style furniture, greenery and tiles to die for. The food is also really really good and the staff are they type that if you go there regularly they remember your order. All things so far that I love! If you've got a buggy like us it's not the most child friendly but the staff (way more than the clientele) were amazingly helpful and we got the whole back courtyard to ourselves which was pretty sweet! I ordered a Ruben sandwich, Mama had the bircher muesli with mangos and apples and Michelle had poachies on avocado and sourdough. Coffees and chai teas were the order and it was lovely, so lovely infact I'm headed back there next week with an Aussie friend to introduce her to it.

Punch in Singapore - a cafe photographed by Jette
photographer Jette Virdi at Punch Cafe
The food at Punch in Singapore
Photographed by Jette Virdi
The food at Punch Cafe
The menu at Punch photographed by Jette Virdi in Singapore

Punch is at 32 North Canal Road and there are MRT stations near by. They are open from Tue-Sun 8am-6pm. Enjoy!

Jette Virdi photographer and stylist in Singapore
The outdoor space at Punch in Singapore
Merci Marcel

Merci Marcel