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The Social Space, Kreta Ayer Road

The Social Space, Kreta Ayer Road

The Social Space, Singapore photographer by Jette Virdi

Finally, I made it to The Social Space! YAY for leaving the house and making it across town. Walking in, the first thing that hit me was the polished concrete floors - man how I miss my house in Mexico and the polished concrete surfaces...this along with the wicker and turquoise blue chairs was a real reminder of one of my old lives in another hot country.

Singapore neighbourhoods photographed by Jette Virdi

The Social Space, if you haven't been is 3 different sections in 1 building - a nail salon, the shop and the cafe. So far, it's been the best coffee we had since arriving in Singapore...We also had the same breakfast but in two different forms. Mama ate sourdough with peanut butter, banana and coconut ( I was secretly delighted because the coconut was not only toasted but had salt on it and that made such a difference) and I had the Tough nut smoothie bowl (peanut butter, banana and soy). Pretty good and the only thing I'd say is I would have liked way more topping on mine and more frozen but it's been by far the best breakie we've had here! Please open up a space on the East Coast...

Breakfast at The Social Space photographed by Jette Virdi

The shop part is full of eco friendly products like soap, dish washer liquid, hand wash etc that you can bring your own container and fill up. Then there's locally made ceramics (yes, I did purchase some), baskets and bags made in Bali, Ashely & Co soaps, etc etc. It's really cute and there are some great little finds. 

Shopping at The Social Space
Photographed by Jette Virdi in Singapore
Neighbourhoods in Singapore by Jette Virdi
Neighbourhoods by Jette Virdi
Breakfast at The Social Space, Singapore
Golden Mile Hawker Centre #2

Golden Mile Hawker Centre #2