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Merci Marcel

Merci Marcel

Merci Marcel photographed by Jette Virdi

It's Saturday and the first day in Singapore without mama. We had a great night, apart from me crying, but Molly slept till 6.30am! I'm really hoping this is a regular occurrence and before anyone asks I have no idea what we did or how we did it! We left the hotel early and got the MRT from Bugis Junction to Tiong Bahru. From there it was roughly a 10minute walk through the HBD complexes till we hit the food market and Merci Marcel. A friend had recommended this gorgeous cafe and while all we had was coffees and pastries - they were the best croissant and pain au chocolat we've had in Singapore. The menu looked delicious and when we arrived at 9am there was already a queue so go early!

Merci Marcel cafe by Jette Virdi
Jette and Molly in Singapore

There's seating out front, inside and out the back all of which are lovely and light! They also sell wine, cheese and chocolate so if you're in the mood to shop...enjoy!

Merci Marcel in Tiong Bahru
The back courtyard at Merci Marcel

We'll definitely be back and I think next time we'll try evening time as it was such a cute place to sit. After break we headed over to the food market where we bought fresh fruit and veggies for the week plus an orchid and a fig leaf plant...yay! They were far cheaper than at the Garden shops on Thomson Street too so worth a look if you're after greenery!

Jette Virdi Singapore cafe recommendations
Tom and Molly in Singapore at Merci Marcel
Tiong Bahru in Singapore photographed by Jette Virdi


Botanical Gardens of Singapore

Botanical Gardens of Singapore