Styling Tips for Creatives

Yes, you can do this!

Oh pictures, they tell a 1000 words right? Well those words can either be good or bad. I want to help you create the most AMAZING, ON-BRAND content you can and there are several areas you need to pay attention to if you’re going to make content that stands out, conveys your brands message and makes customers engage with your brand.


This is normally one that people forget about and you shouldn’t. Before you race off and get all excited about finding the perfect props and flowers for your shot you need to make sure that your product is in tip top condition. That means - no scratches on packaging or dented sides. If you’re a food product, how does the item of food look? Have you picked the cake with the cream’s come off etc.

Make sure YOUR product outshines everything else in the set up.

styling tips for creatives product


I want you to use plenty of texture in your photos and why? Well this makes the image look real and interesting as if you could reach out and touch it! It could be a linen napkin or it could be the velvet inside of the box your jewellery is sent in. Whatever it is - bring it into your shot!

Textured image by Jette Virdi


Layers really help to create a story. A pen on a notepad, or a vase of flowers that’s slightly higher than the rest of the shot and out of focus. It makes us feel as if we’re stepping into a real scene - which is what we want! We want our customers to engage and feel like they’re right there with us!

Using layers for styling tips for creatives by jette
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