Showing Off Your Work

without showing off

Ah babe. Grab a cup of tea and let’s have a chat shall we.

This is a topic that is soooo divisive! When I asked my community on Instagram most people said that they were fine with showing off their work but when I asked my community on Facebook most people were like “oh god no, never, hate it. URGH!'“

So which camp are you in?

Love it or hate it, we need to talk about what we do. Whether it’s a side hustle or it’s your full time love, showing off you work is vital to your confidence, bank account and finding your community.

So how to do it without showing off? Well, below I’ve got some of my favourite techniques. I recently did a Live Webinar for you all about it and if you’d like to watch the replay you can just click here and it’s all yours.

  1. Talk about your process

  2. Let people see your environment

  3. Show them customers

  4. Teach

Katy said of the Love Webinar “ eeeeek Love it! Thank you , so helpful!”

And Em said “Thank you so much! Made a great list of the top-5 points made – just gotta action them now…!"

So what are you waiting for! Head here now to watch it and snag all the Top 5 Tips!

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