How I create a social media plan


And why it really helps to free up my time!

That’s right, making a plan can actually make your life easier and free up your time. Who’d have thought it. While it takes a bit of effort to begin with (like most things) it makes life so much easier if you get this work done first.

I’m going to use ilo as the real life case study here because I’m in it and it’s the easiest thing to hand for me to remember. So here goes.

First things first I get myself a good old note book. I’m not talking about one of the sparkly, shiny things that look great and are for magpies but actually don’t give you space to put everything down. I’m talking one where it shows you the whole month in a double page spread, then has room for notes and other key dates. I use one called the Master Plan which I found 5 in TKMAX and haven’t found any since so I’m kinda dreading 5 years time!

Key Dates

Next thing I do is google all of the “International X days” like for ilo anything that’s to do with health, women, reproduction, female rights, important/historical females along with any key dates I’m working towards for the brand and I put them all down through the year. This lets me see key dates that I need to do promotion around because let’s not forget, your brand isn’t just around to sell and if it is, then this business section isn’t really for you. I’m all about PURPOSEFUL, INTENTIONAL business and I really believe that your customers want more than just sales. A brand cannot survive on products alone. I mean, if I don’t like you and your competitor has something similar and offers me other useful, inspirational/insightful content, I’m more likely to use my purchasing power with her rather than you.

If you’d like to purchase my digital TOP DATES CALENDER you can register your interest by commenting below as I’ll be launching it soon.

Blog content

After all my key dates are in I add in which date I’ll be sending out my newsletter. It makes sense to mainly have your newsletter come out on the same date each month but really it’s to you. Once that’s done, make a list of blog posts for each month. I try to average 4 a month - I could do more, but let’s be honest, we could ALL do more and frankly I don’t just want to be banging out content for the sake of it. Remember - PURPOSEFUL, INTENTIONAL CONTENT.

Blog posts could be anything from “why our reproductive rights matter” to “ what Maya Angelou did for our community” and those will be scheduled around the corresponding dates. ie. Don’t be posting What Maya Angelou did for our community in June if Maya Angelou day is in November. Capiche?

Once I have these written in my diary - and by written I mean put in the date when they’ll be posted, I work backwards. I try to give myself at least 3 days free space in-between the time I’ve written the post and the post will be posted. If I can I’ll write all 4 blog posts in one day and have them scheduled to go out. Which means….that I don’t have to worry about forgetting to post or accidentally post late or putting up an instagram caption relating to that blog post and I haven’t even posted it yet. DOH! Yes FYI, it’s happened a few times.

When I’m looking at content I work on the 80/20 ratio. 80 % of your content is purposeful and intentional (yes I’ll keep saying those words!). It is content to empower, educate and inspire and keeps your followers/customers coming back to you. 20% is sales.Think about it, you don’t follow companies that just sell sell sell do you? And if you don’t, why would you want to be one of those companies. Research shows that it takes around 7-11 touch points for people to purchase from you in the first place so, you might as well give them information that they need or want and that will also make people far more conscious and likely to remember you.

Jette Virdi