How to lead a purpose driven life


And why it’s important for your business too

When we build or join purpose-driven companies that inspire, the potential to improve the world is limitless - Haylel Leibson

I love this quote because it’s true. Not only is the potential to improve the world is limitless but it also means that the benefits we can give to our customers goes far beyond any products we can offer.

So what does a purpose driven and intentional business look like?

Quite honestly, it can look different to everyone and that is 100% ok. The struggles are the same as a non purpose driven business but the outcomes will far outweigh any strife you come across. I want you to look at your business under the lens of “who and how can I help” rather than “I have this great product you should buy it”.

Money is a good thing and not something to whisper about under the table, but to keep your customer coming back to you again and again and to keep them wanting a relationship with you needs more than just a sales pitch. It needs a brand with soul, it needs a business who cares not just about what product you need but also, WHAT you need and how they can help.

How did I reach my purpose and soulful intent?

Ufff, this is such a complicated answer and frankly it took me a while. And some more time and some more time. I would suggest getting a blank piece of paper and really starting with emotions.

  • what do you want your customers to feel when they think about your brand?

  • what type of memories do you want to give them?

  • how do you want them to feel about you/your brand

Once you have a rough idea of the above, it’s time to expand and see how you can really get clear on your purpose.

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Jette Virdi