Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration


Who knew working with people rather than competing against can bring such love and happiness to business life.

We’ve all been there and felt the pangs of jealousy when another person in our field is doing amazing things. Right? I mean let’s face it, we’re in business because we want to succeed and do well and create amazing things for people and help them with their lives but sometimes, it’s really hard to see others doing well.

But right at the beginning of my career as a stylist in events and food I learnt, from my dear mentor Sharon Greene, that collaboration is FAR better than competition. She was a big believer in working together and supporting those in similar fields so that we can all raise our game. And watching how others responded to this and how the work, in general, increased ten fold was amazing. All of us got better as we learnt different skills from each other and shared our own skills. It was so stunning to witness that it’s stayed with me and now, when and if I can, I am ALL about collaboration.

Another reason for loving collaboration is that it brings such magical people into your life. I’m a big believer in expansion and by bringing in to your life and working with these industry peeps that you’ve perhaps been eyeing up from afar you world will expand. Whether it’s realising that we’re all moving forward on our own path or perhaps it’s opportunities that will crop up and only would be possible because of this coming together.

So, have a think, who in your industry could you reach out to and work with to expand yourself and your world?

Jette Virdi