Are you Ready For More?

and why we don’t have to know it all

Have you ever felt like something was missing?

Like you wanted more but you weren’t sure what, or how, or when.

Perhaps everyday feels like you're on a hamster wheel and you really want to jump but off but you have no idea.

I get it babe.

I fully get it. I spent a really long time not knowing what I wanted and only wanting more.

I spent a really long time not having the correct words for what I wanted but that just left me confused and unsure and feeling unsatisfied. Which, if you’ve felt this way you’ll KNOW that it just makes you feel worse and worse and worse.

And then, to make matters worse, you see all these people on social media living their best fucking life and of course, we feel crappy cos it seems like every single person has it figured out apart from you.

Sound familiar?

I hear you babe. And that’s why I’m here. I’ve been there. I’ve got myself out of this mess before.

The thing we don’t get taught is that not everyone gets this calling, this feeling for more. And listening to that call is so important. Even if you’re not sure where it’s going. Even if you’re not sure what the call is for. It’s vital you start to listen.

The call that you’re hearing is your higher self speaking to you. Wondering what your higher self is? Sounds kinda “woo-woo” but hear me out babe. Your higher self is the you that is living your best life babe. The one where you feel amazing and on fire. The one where you dreams are reality. Not quite so woo-woo right? It’s just you probably haven’t met her yet. And that is ok too.

So how do we get to our higher self?

First thing I’d like you to do babe is figure out the feelings.

What exactly are you feeling frustrated about? Is it the job? Your family life? I want you to take time over this because babe, if we can figure out where this feeling is coming from it helps us to realise where we are going.

And I want to take amount here to let you know that your highest self knows. Your higher self knows where this feeling is coming from even if your conscious self doesn’t want to admit it.

You may need to sit in a quiet place, take some deep breaths and really sit with you.

Secondly I want you to start writing down anything and everything that makes you happy.

I don’t care what it is, I don’t care how small or how big it is. But on the page next to it write down how everything makes you feel. What feelings you get in your body when you look at your list.

Things that make you happy are all feeding your higher self and calling her into your everyday life babe. So making a list and constantly looking at it is really good for your higher self.

Ok babe, let me know how you go below and I’ll be back with the second instalment of being Ready For More.


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