Hiring a Coach

and what that actually means.

So you’ve decided that you’re stuck. Decided that you can do better and want more but how do you go about finding a coach? There are seemingly quite a few people out there who are coaching, each with different skills and tones of voice. Each with different area of expertise and skills they can teach you.

How do you choose between them all?

Firstly you need to find the ones that resonate with you: do you see similarities? Maybe they have a similar background story? Or perhaps they even look like you?

The way they speak and talk to you will also be hugely important. If it doesn’t resonate - this isn’t the person for you.

Secondly, find out what they offer. If you’ve been following them for a while you’ll have a good idea about what they offer and how. It’s really important that you are comfortable with what and how they will deliver.

Some are more manifestation and mind set whereas others are totally practical strategy.

Thirdly, chemistry baby. It’s all about how you jibe with them. And that is why most coaches have an intro call so that you can check each other out and chat and see what the chemistry is like. Let’s face it, you are going to be spending a lot of time with this person and they are going to be your biggest cheerleader - you want to feel immediately engaged and inspired and like “Fuck yes!” and if you don’t feel amazing with them, you should at least feel great. You should at least feel like wow, I’m ready to do this. Because honestly, we (coaches) aren’t here to persuade you to work with us. We’re here and ready - but you need to be.


If you want to know more about how I can help you with your creative business - let’s have an intro call and see how we jibe babe. Are you Ready for More?

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