Self Limiting Beliefs

and why listening into your inner voice is pretty damn powerful.

Self Limiting Beliefs - the bullshit thoughts that keep us in our comfort zone, stifle our leaning and limit our potential - Work By Design

This blog post babe is full of loaded stuff, juice questions you should be asking yourself every single time you think a thought.

Limiting beliefs are the Number 1 thing that hold us back. That stifle our dreams. That keep the shit we want to achieve under wraps and guess what? We have the power to stop them. 100%.

Ever have an idea and you’re super excited but then a ping suddenly comes into your head like “oh you can’t do that, it would be way too hard” or perhaps you’ve had this one “oh come on, you don’t have the experience to do that”?

Have you?

Yeah, thought so. Pretty much every person on the planet has some sort of self limiting beliefs flowing through their brain on a regular basis. When we’re born we don’t have them. I mean have you ever seen a baby trying to crawl? Damn they try and try and try. Aint no self limiting beliefs happening there darling!

But then us adults get in the way and start telling our little people they can’t, or aren’t good enough, or no one will pay attention and guess what - now they have a lifetime of self limiting beliefs.

That’s right, self limiting beliefs are learnt!

The girls behind Work by Design say that they build up over time and generally there’s a trigger point. Perhaps it’s a negative personal experience or it could be being told we can’t do something or can’t be someone. They can come from observing others experiences or simply because we haven’t been shown role models who can which teaches us that things don’t happen to people like us.

If you think self limiting beliefs are holding you back I’d love for you to have a go at this easy peasy task for a week.

All I’d like you to do for one whole week is every time you have a limiting belief pop into your head I want you to write it down.

At the end of the week I’d like you to take that page/notebook/iphone noteand see what the correlation is running through your self limiting beliefs. Is it you telling yourself you can’t? Or is it a case of not seeing anyone who looks/comes from a similar background doing it.


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