smoothie recipes by Jette Virdi, food stylist in Dublin and London

Food Styling + Photography

Are you looking for stunning visuals for your food brand or business? Does your website, social media or marketing strategy need a face-lift? I work with people - from some of the biggest brands in the world to small, local, sole-traders - to help them attract new customers, and to engage their existing customer base. Let's talk about how I can help your brand truly shine.

Jette Virdi, creative entrepreneur and mentor based in Dublin and London


Feeling a little stuck or finding it hard to move forward to achieve those big-hearted creative dreams? Maybe you're starting out on this amazing journey that is creative entrepreneurship and can't quite find the clarity or focus you need to reach those goals? I've designed 3 hands-on courses to help you find focus and fulfilment, game changing personal and business growth and all the takeaway tips and tools you need to help you work smarter. I'll be sharing my knowledge of 10 years of being my own boss with 4 successful businesses in 3 different countries with you.

Workshops with Jette Virdi, based in Dublin, London


I host a whole range of workshops around Europe from florals to food styling to typography. You'll find all the inspiring sessions and offerings I have available here, along with with the talented creatives I collaborate with.



Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Jette (pronounced Jet incase you're not sure) and I'm a food stylist, workshop host and a mentor for big hearted creatives. You may have heard about me but not quite sure how I can help your business grow or how we can work together? Well, I've worked with brands big and small to help them with a wide range of things from imagery, social media, events, staff training sessions and more. If you have an idea or project you'd think I'd be a good fit for, I'd love to hear from you on