Jette Virdi

I’m a bold ass woman who coaches female creatives

I got tired of living the life I was supposed to and started living the life I wanted. Now I’m supporting and guiding other female creatives to step into their power and live the life on their terms.



Do you feel stuck?

Stuck because no matter how hard you try and try, and try you never quite seem to create the images that you want for your brand. Stuck because you know that you can do better and your brand images should look better but you just have no idea how others make their images look so beautiful, on brand and on message.

I get it, I totally get it. For the last 15 years I’ve been an entrepreneur and consultant in 5 different industries and for the last 6 I worked as as stylist and photographer and I know how important images are.

The images that are on your website, on your social media, images that are sent to magazines. I mean let’s face it. We are a visual world and you want your brand to shine. You want, no NEED images that are on brand and convey your message, show off it’s personality and more importantly get traction and engagement.

Let me help. Let’s turn it around and show the world just how fantastic and unique your brand is and why having your brand in their life is going to make their lives better.




I’ve been an entrepreneur in the food, hospitality and creative industry for the last 15 years with super high successes and super low failures. I’ve learnt it all - the good and the bad. From how to pick yourself up and dust yourself off to keeping yourself in your flow hitting those financial goals and I now want to give YOU all of my insight, knowledge and shortcuts.

I am now a business coach for female entrepreneurs because I want to hep you create your dream business and give it the wings to fly.

So many small (but mighty) business owners get lost in the amount of things they need to do and honestly it can be tough.

But that shouldn’t hold your brand back!

I've put together several starter courses to help you get on track, up level your business game and create a life of authenticity and abundance.



Jette is fantastic at helping people figure out that oft illusive work/life balance and how to find the joy and meaning in work. I highly recommend her and have done so to many people already!
— Karina Melvin, Author and Psychotherapist

Let’s work together


WHAT’s holding you back?

It takes a lot of guts to start your own business. A lot. Trust me.

I’ve started 5 and each time I was nervous, scared, awkward and yet I pushed through.

And honestly yes, you can start a business without learning how to create your own imagery, know how to market yourself or even create an authentic product, but be honest with yourself - would you prefer to know these things and succeed or not have a clue, keep trying and never really get anywhere?

I want to be your business coach and get you the life you’ve always dreamt of. I offer 1-2-1 coaching, group courses and I’ve got a whole bunch of free resources up top!


Limiting beliefs

It’s not you, it’s your subconscious. Limiting beliefs are part of our lives whether we’re conscious of them or not. And I’m sure one of the things that’s holding you back from learning a new skill like styling and photography is the fact that you feel like you’re no good. Well fact: no one is at the beginning.

Skill Set

Styling, photography, marketing and social media are just skills that you haven’t learnt yet. And before you get all nervous - I’m here to help guide you through everything you need to know. Because honestly, you don’t need to know everything - only several key things.


I say this to my clients a lot! Practise practise practise. Were you good in your first French lesson? Piano lesson? Likelihood is, no. But what did you do? Practise and practise makes perfect.

Jette Virdi is my business angel! Holy moly this lady knows her stuff and made it all so simple for me. I used to get flustered at ALL the stuff I was supposed to do, now it feels manageable and even, well, easy! Thanks Jette.
— ALice