Jette Virdi

The overwhelm coach

I support female business owners who feel overwhelmed. Who feel they left a shitty 9-5 only to be living another shitty version of business. Who aren’t hitting their goals. Who want to pack it in because they’re really stuck in that rut. Sound familiar?

Oh my god Jette was BRILLIANT. She put me at ease instantly, talking to her was like I’d known her for years. She’s insightful and funny and warm, and I felt like I had a real cheerleader for my business. She didn’t mess around, she gave me homework and set out goals, but everything felt achievable and exciting.
— Niamh Wimperis - Wimperis embroidery

Feel like a slave to your business?

URGH! I feel you. I remember those days, feeling so bloody overwhelmed, tired of being “busy” and not getting anywhere. Feeling like shit wondering why I’d made such a huge mistake. No amount of money or clients is going to make the switch from you being a slave to your business to you being the boss of your business.

Trust me: more clients = more slavery if you don’t have this sorted.

Feeling any of the Following?


So many female business owners - especially in creative fields, haven’t put the structure, strategies or mindset in place to make their dream life and vision an actual reality.

So babe, that’s where I come in.

I’m here to get you from overwhelmed - to calm and in control

from feeling shitty - to feeling on fire

from feeling powerless - to fully in charge and driving your train

from busy - to automated and achieving

from ready to pack it in - to having a full calendar on your terms.

Sound good?

Let me support and guide you through your business pains and feeling shitty into a calm, controlled and fun business where you’re the boss and you’re having fun on your terms.


It’s amazing how a month of coaching with Jette has changed my life - I feel like I have more control of my business and day-to-day activities. I gained clarity and I feel more in-tune with myself. The imposter syndrome no longer kicks in!
— Julia Dunin - photographer

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