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3hr Private styling workshop

 This is where you get to pick my brain as I run you through all the trips and tricks I’ve learnt over the last 15 years as a business owner and the last 5 years as a food stylist and photographer.

If you are unsure about

  • the style of your brand

  • the voice of your brand

  • how to create engaging content

  • show off your product to it’s best

  • or even just learn the basics of food styling


We'll have a good old chat before you even join me in person where we talk through brand story, message and look then we'll work together to figure out the shots we'll take during our session. During our session we’ll be creating around 10 images for you to then use as well as getting insight into all my professional expertise on food styling and photography. Afterwards I'll be creating a bespoke PDF downloadable sheet for you that will be a practical guide for you going forward.

I cannot wait to spend 3hrs creating with you, getting to know your brand and creating a seriously gorgeous set of images to get you going.  

3hr Private Styling Workshop
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