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Baby Pancakes

Baby Pancakes

The challenge begins as we start introducing Molly to solids! It's been so exciting for the last 3 months watch her taste all the purees we've given her. To be honest, I didn't do the normal one food at a time with her, I just started mixing stuff up straight away, and my mixing stuff up, I mean literally what we had in the fridge. Don't be SCARED is the one thing I always feel like saying to other parents when they're talking about foods, but, it's not for me to tell them that or to judge. I had the confidence to just go for it with Molly because I know food, I understand food and whilst it doesn't always look an appealing colour (sorry Mol) she always, ALWAYS eats it all. When she was 4 months old, she started off around 30ml of food before milk at breakfast and lunch. Now she's eating 4 times a day anywhere from 80ml to 120ml followed my milk. This last week I introduced 1 of these pancakes and then 120ml of food followed by milk and she's still eating it all so I guess we have one hungry baby.

Molly trying her baby pancakes for the very first time

It's really important to remember that it TAKES 10 TIMES before a baby can adapt to a different taste, so don't worry if they spit it out the first go. Keep offering it to them, and offer and again and offer again and offer, well you get the picture. I laugh every time because if I offer it to Molly she turns her nose up but if I leave it on a plate for her to grab, it's straight in the mouth and she loves it, so play around. Just please don't be scared. Obviously the rules apply! 

  • Food has to be soft enough at this young age where they can mash it with their gums
  • They have to be able to sit up by themselves
  • Stay with them because all food can be a choking hazard and hey, no one wants that.
  • There are other rules around honey etc but I'm sure you've all googled those so I'm not going to go through them here.
Zuccini, banana and buckwheat pancakes


190g zucchini (grated and squished so all the water comes out)

3tbs buckwheat (you can use any other flour too)

1 egg

70g/half a  banana mashed

Once you've got as much water out of the zucchini as possible add all the other ingredients and mix really well, the mixture should be wet but hold together well.

Heat some coconut oil in a pan and using a tablespoon measure cook little pancakes. It made 15 for me using a tablespoon measure. Keep in the fridge for a couple of days - freeze too if you want!

I'm going to start adding pepper to these soon and also will be swapping out the zucchini for grated carrot, pumpkin, potato, mashed peas etc.

Don't forget that for babies, solid food is also a sensory exploration, so let them squish it, hold it, get it all over themselves - I know it's a total pain for you if you're even slightly OCD like me but this is about them. It's about making sure that their taste palette is a wide and varying as possible so that they love food, they know what's good for them and their bodies and that they have fun.

Molly eating zucchini, banana and buckwheat baby pancakes
Baby pancakes
Molly eating her baby pancake
Stuff 'em and bake 'em

Stuff 'em and bake 'em

Switching it up

Switching it up