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Switching it up

Switching it up

Eat the rainbow by Jette Virdi In Singapore

Ok so its Tuesday 14.04 Singapore time. I've cried 3 times today. Motherhood is absolutely kicking my arse at the moment and I'm really struggling with being alone with Molly for 12 hours a day. I'm fully in awe of anyone who spends all day with their kid(s) and loves it, manages it, doesn't cry ever second hour.

This variation of my lunch includes mango, watermelon and pomegranate. Three of my favourite fruits! I skipped on hummus and walnuts today but I would definitely recommend cracking some black pepper over watermelon- wow, a totally new flavour bomb!

Food recipe by Jette Virdi

For the original recipe head here and like I mentioned, add anything you want!

food styling and photography by Jette Virdi
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Food photography by Jette Virdi
Veggie Bowl

Veggie Bowl