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Stuff 'em and bake 'em

Stuff 'em and bake 'em

Stuff 'em and bake 'em recipe by Jette Virdi

I’ve been in a really bad place the last week. We, Molly and I, flew back from 3 weeks in Europe visiting my mama and the day before we left Molly caught Foot Hand and Mouth Disease ( you don’t want t know) and my allergies went on high alert. I’m talking swollen, burning, itchy face. Horrific. I’ve honestly never been affected by my allergies so much and it was a real eye opener. Before I was always like, well I get some bloating, some dandruff whatever. But this time it really scared me so the minute we touched down I was on some crazy war path when it came to sugar and gluten. I will cut out dairy too but I need something right now and I honestly believe my flare up was from the excessive amounts of gluten I was eating back home!

So this is my first recipe back and, WE BOUGHT AN OVEN! I’m so excited because for the last 8 months we’ve only had a hob and well, it becomes a little repetitive but now we can make so many more dishes and do baking, gluten free of course!

Seeds for stuff 'em and bake 'em recipe by Jette Virdi, gluten free

This recipe includes two seeds - sunflower and pumpkin both great and I use them to help with my hormones and periods. I prefer to toast them as soon as I get them home and then keep them in a sealed jar as it really brings out the nutty flavour of them.


1 red pepper (you can use any colour desired) cut in half. I gave half to one person but to be honest you could eat a whole one to yourself if you wish.

60g cooked rice ( I cook mine with a spoonful of miso in the water to give it extra flavour) - 30g was enough to fill each half of my medium sized pepper

55g onion, diced and cooked

25g toasted seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, whatever you want

40g French beans, washed a cut in rounds

40g sweetcorn

handful of mixed herbs, I used coriander and mint

25g parmesan.

Mix all the ingredients bar the peppers and a little parmesan. Then spoon into each half of the pepper, no need to squash down. Top with remainder parmesan and season with salt and black pepper. Cook at 180C for about 40minutes.

Stuffed red pepper, gluten free recipe by Jette Virdi
Gluten free stuffed red pepper recipe by Jette Virdi
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