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My favourite pregnancy products

My favourite pregnancy products

Jette Virdi, food stylist and photographer at 23 weeks pregnant

Let's be honest, pregnancy is weird and exciting, scary and nerve wracking and quite frankly a one in a lifetime experience. Even if you are lucky to get preggo more than once, the stats tell you that your 70% likely to feel completely different than you did in your other pregnancy(ies). 

I've been unbelievably lucky (some would say smug too!) that I've had a really cruisy pregnancy so far. I've had a few minor niggles, a urinary infection here and there, a few headaches at the beginning and  indigestion but nothing that has made me think - god I feel awful. Tiredness I've come to expect plus working for myself means that this whole pregnancy experience so far has been amazing. While everyone is different and girl, if you have had the morning sickness I got feels for you I thought I'd share some bits and bobs that I've loved using over the last 6 months....

My favourite pregnancy products by Jette Virdi, stylist based in Dublin

1. Pernation Gel

Made from green Mussell shells, this pain relief gel has been a godsend since before I was preggo. It's not too expensive and you only need a tiny little bit plus, it's way better for your skin than the famous smelly pain relief gel!

2. Virdian Pregnancy Complex

I've tried several Pregnancy Complex pills during my 23 weeks - NHP, Solgar and for me this one is the best. It's got all you need in there (Vit D, Chromium, Iron etc and I find the dosage, while slightly higher than most, works best for me)

3. Rosebud Salve

A trusty lip balm from the US of A it's become one of my all time favourite beauty products (and I have in total 3!) It smells gorgeous and the rose smell isn't overpowering, it makes my lips glossy and glowy and I loves it, a lot

4. Environ Suntan lotion SP15

While I'm lucky with my half Indian heritage that I go uber brown I always wear sunscreen. I love this Environ brand so much and it's my go to on holidays for both me and the fella.

5. Body brush

When I remember I do love to give my body a good brush, especially before and just after I'm away on holiday, it seems to make my tan last longer. Plus, to helps get rid of all those toxins!

6. Essie Nail Polish

I spoke recently on my instastories about how Essie is 'free from three' brand and that is really tops when preggo but also, when not! I love their colours, they last for ages and they dry really quickly. 

7. Salt of the Earth deodorant

When I got pregnant I immediately changed my deodorant from roll on Dove to this Salt of the Earth stick. I'm a sweaty kinda girl and I've noticed that this guy does even better than Dove on my body plus it's all natural! Yay :) 

8. Trilogy

This all over body oil has been an amazing find. Recommended to me by the lady at my local health food shop, I now couldn't live without it. It soaks in really really easily, has no nasties in it and is a mix of almond, rose hip and some other goodies. the last bottle I bought lasted just over a month and I use it everywhere!

9. Body Shop Vitamin E face cream

I've been using this since I was about 14 or 15 years old with my other skin care regime that is soap. I love how I can interchange the intensive moisturiser with the light one depending on winter or summer and how it's not oily, doesn't feel heavy on my face and has a subtle smell. I'm not into smelly stuff!

10. Solgar Vitamin C

I take extra Vit C because my body just doesn't like the cold weather and living in Ireland means, that it's always cold so I stay on top of it and take one of these bad boys a day.

11. Vogel Echinacea tablets

Anything Vogel is good by me. I love their products and find these lozenges are a really handy keep-in-your-pocket go to when you start to feel a sniffle come on.

12. Zara head scarves

I love these guys and wearing something bright throughout my pregnancy has been really uplifting plus I find that my hair is getting a little annoying (no I will not cut it ever) so these have been great.


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