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What I wore

What I wore

Ok, so bear with me. I'm not into fashion - we all know that. 1, because my breasts rarely fit into any normal size clothing and while we're being honest, any plus size clothing looks like it was made for a grandma so yeah, and 2, I really don't have the money to buy the new clothing on the block that changes every 2minutes.

What Jette Virdi, stylist, wore on her recent trip to Amsterdam

I do know what I like. I know what suits my body and to be honest, most times I go clothes shopping I end up in tears in the changing room. With someone who wears a size 14 -12 but has a chest size of 32GG clothing is unbelievable hard to find. I love Cos but lets' face it, I don't always want to wear a really pretty sack. Most times if I buy a top I have to buy it about 4 sizes too big and the cut is never right. I've never understood why clothes lines just think by making a top bigger, it will still fit right. Yes I know it's all about the bottom line but it's infuriating and sad and really quite upsetting. 

I also travel a lot and I 100% believe in packing light. In 2015 I went to Bali for a month with 1 little backpack. I take a odd satisfaction of really cutting down my clothing when packing for a trip because I always see girls who've packed too much and it always makes me laugh (yes, I'm bad) as they huff and puff their massive suitcase around. I can't help it. Plus if you only have hand luggage you never have the risk of the airline losing your bag or waiting for ages at the bloody carousel. 

What Jette Virdi wore on her trip to Amsterdam

So, I thought I'd write a post about what I took to Amsterdam for 3 days - one pair of jeans, 2 tops and 1 pair of shoes. That's it. Really easy. One of the tops was a long shirt that doubled as a dress which made me feel a bit like a magician if I'm honest!

In detail?

My favourite dark grey skinny jeans from FCUK. At €100 (which I think is ridiculous) they're expensive but, they fit really well and I love the colour.

Both tops are from Zara. The white linen top isn't a great fit on my breasticles BUT I love the embroidery. You know Zara, if you're ever looking for real women to try your clothes on, both hands are up volunteering! The denim long shirt is very floaty and not only hides your tummy when you eat slightly too much, but it's the perfect length. About 3inches above the knee and it's a very lightweight denim to boot.

The's from one of my favourite Dublin jewellery designers, Capulet and Montegue. Lisa recently had a pop up store in one of my fave nail salons and I decided to treat myself with this piece. *swoon*

Finally, these shoes. I waited about 25days for these bad boys to arrive. Hand made in Spanish I fell in love the minute I saw them. The softness of the leather, the fact I get two coloured laces and the gorgeous blue and white striped care bag all made my heart beat a little too fast. However, within 20minutes of wearing them, glue had seeped up through the tongue and left really gross marks at the top...hence having the bow at the "wrong" end. I've received a really bad response from Manebi with regards to this, so as much as I love them - I will not be purchasing another pair of shoes from them ever again. I found an exact match in Amsterdam and have totally forgotten the name so I'm desperately searching....anyone know???

What Jette Virdi wore on her recent trip to Amsterdam
It's a yes!

It's a yes!

Teff cookies

Teff cookies