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Eatyard photographed by Jette Virdi, food stylist and photographer based in Dublin

Eatyard - the new(wish) outdoor food market-slash-food truck pit stop by The Bernard Shaw. It's cute with outdoor tables and graffiti covering the walls and quite frankly a welcome addition to Dublin's food scene. I've been several times, the first for lunch with the girls and the second with Tom. It's a great place to go when the sun is shining and you've got a spare hour or two and are hungry. While the food isn't, um, the best ever and some was hugely expensive there are some real treats here. There's everything from burgers, bbq, bao buns, waffles, Indian, Venezuelan and vegetarian.

The Bernard Shaw bar photographed by Dublin based stylist, Jette Virdi

Next door, you can get drinks to bring through so take yourself over on a Saturday evening and enjoy some food with a pint. The options available aren't huge and some of the stalls change regularly which, is a good thing in my opinion. I had two major disappointments - one the Venezuelan Arepas and two the Bao Buns unfortunately. At €7 and €6 respectively it was definitely not worth it. My Bao Bun was the grilled pineapple with coriander and guacamole - the flavours were great, but the bun wasn't cooked properly and it would have have been great to have warm grilled pineapple over cold. I know plenty of people who have had great buns here and while I'm totally up for accepting they were having an off day, I'm just not willing to spend another €12 discovering that.

Am I fussy? Yes. Am I willing to pay good money for food, yes, if it's good. But €6 for something that didn't fill me up and I could have made at home was really disappointing. Tom also said, he could have eaten about 6 before he was filled up so that's one expensive evening! Having lived in South America I know an Arepa when I see one and sadly I could only manage 1 mouthful before I gave up. Cold, floppy, unflavoured - it was really sad. An expensive sad one. 

Eatyard, photographed by Jette Virdi

The two other things we tried here were the lamb naan wrap and the veggie wrap from Kerala Kitchen. Both were AMAZING. As always, Kerala Kitchen manages to save the day. I would definitely recommend these guys - as a take out from one of the markets they go to or sit in at their space on Baggot Street. The other winner we had was a deep fried risotto ball called Arrancini which was delicious and huge and had the best basil mayo sauce. Yum.

Bao Buns photographed by Jette Virdi
The Bernard Shaw pub photographed by Jette Virdi

A delicious cannoli helped us walk all the way home to Sandymount and it was the perfect after dinner sweet treat. We will be back, we'll just be very careful what we order!

Eatyard shot by Jette Virdi, Dublin based photographer and food stylist
The Bernard Shaw Flea Market shot by Jette Virdi
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