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Coping with Stress

Coping with Stress

Coping with Stress by Jette Virdi

We've all been there, had those days where it all seems a little too much, seems a little too hard. Whatever is going on with your life, stress is not good for you. It varies from person to person, like everything and can come out in symptoms ranging from nail biting, hair pulling, being sick and more. For me it's a constant gut wrenching sickness. I find it extremely difficult to deal with. My head buzzes, my mind races. I'm distracted, can't concentrate, eat, even forming sentences is difficult for me. As I've gotten older, or wiser, my coping mechanisms have improved however I still struggle. I still have hours of gut wrenching and sickness and then about 20minutes of freedom. Quite pathetic really but I've come a long way. When I was younger there was no freedom whatsoever. No space to breath, to feel light.

Below are my 5 things that I do to help me with the struggle.

1) Breathe. 

Hilariously simple, this is probably one of my favourites. Sometimes it saves me, sometimes I need to go through the rest of the list.

I sit upright with my feet on the floor so I feel connection to the ground. Bare foot in grass is best if we're going that far, but bare foot is good enough if you live in a concrete jungle. Take a few seconds to look around you before you close your eyes. Then slowly start breathing in through your nose, feeling the air flow down your throat, into your chest and making your belly a balloon. Plenty of people say that you should try to hold this as long as possible but hey, sometimes you just need to get into the flow of it. My tip, try to just feel the sensations of your breather going through your body.

2) Writing that shit down.

Admittedly this step is probably a good first one, just to get it all down on paper and then use the other techniques to calm yourself however, I love this one at any stage! I have a specific stress notebook with big red words in. I give you full permission to get that shit out of your body. Write it all down, feel all the things you need to say, get them off your chest and let it flow out of you and onto paper. This for me is one of the most cathartic experiences I regularly go though. It's a beautiful process, especially for someone like me who's so damn awful at conflict and confrontation. Read it after, don't read it but spend a good twenty minutes letting it all out.

3) Get moving.

Get the blood pumping. Jump up and down while screaming or shake it while you laugh like a maniac. I'm a fan of blasting music and just letting rip like you're at your own funeral. Let it all go, shake it, move it, sing a long, scream it. The only rule here is to get a sweat on, you want the blood pumping as much as possible because you want to wake up the endorphins. Shake 'em, wake 'em and get them pumping through your brain to forget all the nightmare.

4) Focus on all the good things going on.

Stress in all its forms has an unbelievable knack of taking over EVERYTHING. No matter that you just got your dream freelance gig, or you had a double page spread in a magazine. The negative shit always seems to take over right? Well, this is a good time to make a list of all the positives, the things you're grateful for, those things that bring a smile to your face. And guess what, I have a special notebook for this too (I have a soft spot for stationary). I try to make this my one regular thing as it's grounding like nothing else. 

5) Get your tribe and let them support you.

We all need people. People who can hold us, who can make us laugh, who can let us cry. We all need people. I have a strong tribe of talented, beautiful girls that I regularly turn to in times of need and turmoil. They tell me the truth even though I may not want it, they are always behind me in every thing and they always let me vent. Speaking things through with people is such a beautiful and honest raw thing. Learning how to be vulnerable is such a rewarding experience. Not only can those people truly see who you are but they also want to be there for you. Truly humbling.

If you've got any tips for stress busting, comment below! I want to hear....

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