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5 things you can do to help your body prep for a baby

5 things you can do to help your body prep for a baby

Eating right to help get pregnant by Jette Virdi

So, you've made the choice to start trying...

let's talk about the food that will help get your body into shape for the big event

It can be really bloody confusing trying for a baby. Do this this way, do that that way. What supplements to take, what not to take. Should you exercise more, should you stop altogether. Just about everyone has an idea, advice or a story and while it's lovely to experience and get advice it's bloody overwhelming! Right now, we're trying and I want to just get myself in tip top shape so that my body is going to be more welcoming let's say, of a little person. I started looking at nutrition and diet as a way to naturally avoid taking supplements/pills/shakes. I'm just not a fan of topping my body up with things like that, hey if it's your thing, that's ok with me, it's just not mine. 

Some of you will know that I took a food intolerance test about 3months ago, that has 100% changed the way I eat. Don't me wrong, I cheat occasionally - who can resist pizza, but, it does mean that I'm getting WAY MORE nutrients than I did before! I've noticed a massive shift in the way I feel such as energy, skin health, mood which, in my book, can only mean my body will be more receptive and healthier for a baby to grow.

Whilst diet and health is 100% your own thing, I thought I'd just let you in on my top 5 tips to get my body prepped for getting pregnant.


1) Up your fluid intake.

Jette Virdi, stylist and photographer, recipes for flavoured water

Some of my favourite water combos are: berries, watermelon and mint, cucumber and grapefruit and lemon and mint. There are obviously a hundreds and thousands of other different combos. Comment below to tell me your favourite!


2) Eat a bunch more fruit and veggies of all colours and sizes

We all know how important a healthy and balanced diet is but, by upping your intake of fruit and veggies not only is it giving your body a really healthy start for your pregnancy it's also giving your body a whole bunch of vital nutrients and minerals you need to help conceive that you may not necessarily be getting. The one thing everyone has told me is FOLIC ACID. However, when reading about it, there is a whole bunch of conflicting notions on folic acid (man made not great for you kind) to folacin (natural water soluble) to folate. This is a mine field. It's obviously a personal choice, personally I don't take loads of pills or medications so I prefer the natural kind so I'm taking Folacin. However you can get a lot of folic acid from a whole bunch of fruit and veggies! Some to up your intake are: Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, brocoli and asparagus (there are more obis!) Another thing to keep in mind when trying for a baby is obviously our aim is to get cells to reproduce and grow so they turn into a baby: Beta Carotene is really vital for cell growth and development so why not up your intake to get the motion going: carrots, pumpkin, kale, sweet potato are all good thins to start upping.

3) Get some sleep.

Rest is a really big big thing when it comes to your body working right, cells generating and letting your body have the time to be in tip top shape. So try get in some zzzz's.

4) Dump the things that aren't making you happy.

Friends, projects - the list goes on. It sounds harsh I know but, think about it. When does your brain focus on something important when there's loads of distracting crap and unhappiness buzzing around? As I'm preparing for my body going 'woohooo, baby is on board!' I'm weening out the stressors in my life. Moaning friends - I'll see you in 9 months, crappy projects that are more bore than roar - hand them onto someone else who will get a buzz out of them. You're body will start to relax and feel a flow unlike it has before.

5) Be gentle on yourself.

Getting pregnant takes time, those who are lucky enough to get pregnant straight away are really really lucky. Remember to be kind to yourself, I know it's hard, trust me, I KNOW. But reminding yourself that it will happen when it's supposed to can really help to stop you freaking out - and let's be honest, when you're freaking out, your body is in fight or flight mode. It's really that simple. Go and have that massage you deserve, treat yourself to remind yourself that are you are top of the pile, special in your entirety and damn right amazing.



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