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The Collective Europe

The Collective Europe

The Collective Europe launches ticket sales

For those that haven't heard I'm the co-founder of this bad boy project  and while everything is going well and we have some amazing speakers lined up, with more to come, well we've got some MASSIVE news...


The Collective is 4 days of business workshops, meeting your community of creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs all with some of the industry's top, TOP people. So far, we've announced 11 speakers and we have 9 more to reveal. 

Jette Virdi and Anique Coffee, co-founders of The Colelctive

Beauty Bets (5.4million pinterest followers!!) will be talking all things business, a toast master from Amsterdam, Jessica. Then there's Sarah from The Better LIfe Project right here in Dublin. We've got Kevin who is an astronomer extraordinaire and will be taking on us night time start walk or how about Meg who choreographed Madonna's Rebel tour! They're all up on our speaker page for you to see. 

For me this is such a personal journey, I've found over the last year especially, just how important it is for me to help other creatives make their dreams come true and achieve their business goals. I am 100% behind The Collective because not only are we giving you the tools to get your business off the ground and improve your existing practices but we're also creating a likeminded community that even once you go home, will be on hand for you to ask advice from, learn, share and have fun with!

Jette Virdi, co-founder of The Collective launches Early Bird tickets

If you're someone who:

  • wants to become their own boss
  • works in a creative field
  • dreams of loftier and bigger goals
  • is looking for inspiration
  • needs a push in the right direction and
  • is looking for a creative and innovative community to be surrounded by




May day Flowers

May day Flowers