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You little beauty you

You little beauty you

Chocolate is about the only thing I can eat right now. If I choose over 72% I can almost guarantee that it won't contain nuts, dairy or gluten. It's got to the point where chocolate is about the only thing I'm eating so T decided it was about time I should maybe add something else in. Who am I to question his wisdom. Off I went on the search again. I hit on Indie's blog The Little Green and came across this recipe for bounty bars.

Again, I tweaked the recipe a little and decided seeing as I had coconut oil, cocoa butter and powder that I'd have a go at making my own version.


175g desiccated coconut

60ml melted coconut oil

1tbsp honey

pinch of sea salt

1tbsp water

raw chocolate:

120ml melted coconut oil

60ml melted cocoa butter

60g cocoa powder

1tbsp honey (more if you like it sweeter)

In a bowl mix the salt, coconut, honey and stir the water in really well. Push the mix into a a tray  and freeze while you make the raw chocolate. Melt the coconut oil, cocoa butter and honey. Sift the cocoa powder and stir well. Let this cool for a little. Remove the coconut mix out of the freezer and cut into bars. Dip each bar into the chocolate and then onto baking paper. Dip each bar 2-4 times depending on how thick you want your chocolate (I didn't want mine too thick but it's 100% up to you) Top with anything of you choice.

*Toppings: beet powder, edible glitter, nuts, coconut flakes, pomegranate seeds, freeze dried raspberries etc.

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Workshops in Alentejo

Workshops in Alentejo

Ok, I've cheated

Ok, I've cheated