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I've gone crackers

I've gone crackers

So week 1 of living with dairy, gluten, corn, nut and potato intolerances is pretty tough. Do I feel sorry for myself? Kinda. Poor T is putting up with a lot of moaning and envy when I can smell pan chocolate on his breath. In reality he's being a crusader putting up with me right now. He's not eating "off the list" goods whilst I'm around, he's trying to do this change with yeah. I'm lucky. 

Things I'm struggling with right now is how limiting it is when I go out. I basically can't eat out anymore. Well, I can have steak and veggies but 'waiter, can you please make sure nothing is cooked in butter or please don't put potatoes on my plate'. You should see the look I get as he walks away. I've been told by a member of staff from one establishment 'if I'm so fussy with what I eat, I should eat at home'. Another told me 'sorry the chef can't do anything for you' um....really? You're chef can't boil some carrots for me while he's cooking the rest of the meal...what type of chef do you have back there??!! A moron?

I've also learnt that I need to plan. ALL THE DAMN TIME. For a person who's utterly spontaneous this is an issue. Will I be out longer that I think? Where can I actually eat? Am I going to run out of crackers soon? And that, the crackers one, would be a melt down situation. 

I've known Sarah's blog My New Roots for quite a while. A little piece of heaven on my earth and boy does this girl have a number of amazing recipes! A lot of them I have to tweak and change as I go due to my multiple food restrictions but, generally by round 2 of changes I've made them work. 

This cracker (she calls it the Life Changing Cracker which I can concur with) has been the saviour of my first week. Sunday the 5th I made around 5 tupperware boxes worth of the recipe below and I take it with me everywhere. On walks, to meetings, for snacks, incase I'm out longer. They really really help.


135g pumpkin seeds

90g flax seeds

50g hemp seeds

40g sesame or poppy seeds (I did both and it works fine)

150g gluten free oats

2tbsp chia seeds

5tbsp psyllium husks

good pinch of salt

3tbsp melted coconut oil

420ml water

Mix the dry ingredients well, add in all the wet and mix really well. Leave to sit for about 10mins whilst the chia seeds and psyllium husks fully bind and expand. I then split the mix into 4 parts, rolling each part between baking paper so it's quite thin. Gently score into the shape of crackers you want and leave for minimum 2hours. Don't worry if you forget about it, overnight is fine too. Cook in a preheated oven of 180C for roughly 20minutes or until the edges get gold. Let cool and keep in a air tight container for up to 3 weeks (good luck if yours last that long).

*toppings: sundried tomato pesto (make sure you check what the ingredients are...a lot use almonds in over pine nuts and for me, almonds are out) with kimchi (as seen picture), salsa verde, peanut butter and banana, apricot jam and more. Obviously if you can eat cheese, I hate you (I don't really but please don't tell me), spread it all over that bad boy cracker.

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You good little cookie

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Gluten, dairy and nut free pastry

Gluten, dairy and nut free pastry