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Pumpkin seed pastry crust

Pumpkin seed pastry crust

This crust started off by me taking one of Sarah from My New Roots recipes and adapting it to suit my food no sunflower seeds! So I switched sunflower seeds to pumpkin seeds (hence how green the crust is) and buckwheat (because I didn't have any) to tapioca and brown rice flower.

I followed her recipe to the letter (bar the changes) and it was too crumbly so, that's when I added a whole bunch of coconut oil and more water so that it was more like a paste, and OH BOY. It was amazing! It was the closest thing I've had to a pizza base since going gluten free.

I can't tell you how much you should make this. If it looks sloppy and weird don't freak out! I promise, slap it on a piece of baking paper and then cook it first for 15 minutes and it's wonderfully crispy and oiled and perfect.


45g pumpkin seeds (blitz in a food processor first - it's ok if its not broken down completely)

80g tapioca flour

80g brown rice flour

pinch of salt

3tbsp coco oil, melted


rape seed oil

blitz everything in the food processor and then dribble in rapeseed oil and water. You want the consistency to be sludgy. I know, I know, it will look gross but trust me. Slap it all over a piece of baking paper and cook for 15 minutes at 180C.

Once it's cooked for 15minutes take out of the oven, spread over your pesto of choice (this one is cauliflower, garlic and onion) but you could use the pesto I made in this recipe or you could use sun-dried tomato pesto. I then sliced some heirloom tomatoes, sprinkled over some shallots and purple sprouting broccoli and cooked for 20minutes more. 

*other toppings you could use: chorizo, broccoli, cauliflower slices, butternut squash, nuts, courgette, pesto. The list goes on.

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