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My weekly food eats

I got asked the other day 'what do food stylists eat?' and I answered 'ummm.....what the hell do you think we eat, rainbows and glitter?'. But it got me thinking about peoples food habits, their go-to meals and how different we all eat. In our house fresh ginger and turmeric play an integral role in every meal and part of the reason is that I grew up in a household with an Indian dad and a mum who grew up in west Africa. My diet has always included onions, garlic, fresh spices and all the good things. So here it is, my weekly food eats....I'm thinking of doing downloadable recipe cards + shopping lists. Good idea? Send me an email here!


Porridge with coconut oil, toasted coconut and banana                                                                    

Brown rice stir fry with mushrooms, ginger, turmeric and garlic, baby corn and sweet peas            

Dahl with brown rice

Tuesday                                                                                                                                                 Porridge with nut butter, banana and toasted seeds                                                                           Chicken broth with rice noodles, ginger and turmeric and fresh greens                                                                                                     Steak with oven cooked skinny fries      


No breakfast today - oops!                                                                                                                

I ate out today, too hungry to wait till I got home and I hate to say I didn't eat well, a bagel with cream cheese and bacon                                                                                                                    

Pasta with pesto and cherry tomatoes


Porridge with apples, pairs and raisins                                                                                                     Leftover pasta                                                                                                                                    

Quinoa with veggies (I'm trying to eat less meat!)

Friday                                                                                                                                               Sourdough toast with apricot jam and goats cheese                                                                                 Chickpeas with chicken, spinach and broccoli                                                                                          Take out time! I love indian food (doh I'm half Indian! but really, give me peshwari naan and I'm pretty much yours)

I haven't put down Saturday or Sunday, snacks or the amount of wine I imbibed as well, I'm not quite at that stage where I'm comfortable with you knowing that I do indeed eat left over curry for Saturday breakfast or the fact I'm happy to not eat lunch so I can eat double supper or double portions of dessert. 

Just to clarify, when I do eat snacks, it tends to be chocolate GF hobnobs, nuts, GF crackers with goats cheese, seaweed, cheese boards with chorizo and bread with goats cheese and apricot jam. I think snacks are good. Snacks are my friend. I did make crispy curry chickpeas the other day and they were pretty bloody good....

I'd really love to hear about your weekly eats and if you'd like to be able to download recipe cards + shopping lists!

Mussels for every meal

A Winter Concoction

A Winter Concoction