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What's been happening...?

I had a mammoth year in 2016. There was the launch of my homeware range, Created and Found. It was literally a dream come true where I got to design pieces of ceramics, linen, wood and beeswax and then, I got to work with some of the best Irish makers (I'll be speaking more about these talents in the future)! 

I fell in love with an amazing, generous and intelligent man. It was a massive whirlwind romance that blew us away. We moved in quickly after we met and now are starting to plan our future of babies, houses and more. To say it hasn't even been a year seems mad but it's true and real and we are that annoying smug happy couple who seem to laugh endlessly, dream beyond our limitations and feel so deeply.

We've visited several places and countries I've never been to: Bristol, Croatia and I'm embarrassed to say Barcelona. While Tom had been to Barcelona, I hadn't and we have quickly fallen in love with the magic of the city. I of course, want to move there immediately but you know, work and such means we have to stay in Dublin for the foreseeable future. So you see, so much has been going on!

And then there was this piece that Martha from the lovely Mother-Blog wrote. Since it's come out, a lot of people have gotten in touch to say that this is a 'oh-so true impression of me', and I'm so delighted. The community I've created of innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives around me are so important. I'm willing to share my knowledge because, well, that's just what you should do. It doesn't do anyone any good to keep the things you've learned all to yourself. What the world needs now, especially now, is love and kindness and community. Can you tell me what your community looks like and how you do best to serve it?

This lovely pictures is by Nathalie Marquez Courtney that time I took her and a group of girls out to forage for wild garlic about 3 years ago!

And now it's 2017 and I have so many plans. I'm launching the 2nd collection for Created and Found in March, I also got accepted into London Design Fair so 2017 is the year of wholesale, we are going big! If you're a store and interested in stocking my Irish made homeware range, I'd love to hear from you, or if you're someone who loves my products, please tell me which cities/shops you'd like to see them. I need your help! Please email me:

That's is just the tip of the iceberg - I'm setting up a Makers Market in Berlin for truly exceptionally designed and crafted if you're a maker get in touch. There will be an application process but, I want to hear from you! I'm also speaking at Above the Fold, a creative conference in Galway. I can't wait to be around the unique and diverse group of innovators and creatives that will be there in May. And last but not least, I have a really special secret project that I can't reveal right now, but will soon. It is going to be epic. EPIC!


A Winter Concoction

A Winter Concoction

Fermentation is easy!