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The happy pear

The happy pear

So, we got back from New Zealand just over a month ago and I still cannot get over how cold it is. The blossom is on the trees and there's even daffodils popping up out of the ground but ho-ly, it is cold. I mean so cold that I'm wearing 3 layers under my jumper and he's regularly wearing long anyone else this affected? I know it's spring time but's really cold. In the meantime I feel I want comfort food, deep warming, spiced and fragrant comfort food. This week has been so huge with hand printing my 2nd collection of Created and Found (I'm so excited and I know you will be too! For first dibs on all the goods you should head over to here and sign up to the newsletter) and then I was part of a feature on throwing the best housewarming for which was such fun! Then, I've been asked to write a feature recipe for the Sunday Independent Magazine which is awesome. See, big week and all I want is something comforting and warming like this tart.


Pastry the same as this tart however for this pear recipe I used buckwheat rather than normal flour, you may need a little more water to bind it! Don't get scared if you use buckwheat flour as it will crumble and break but just patch it together, I promise, it will be fine.

4 pairs, cut in half (keep stalks, pips etc) and then carefully cut slices so the pear halves fan out (as above)

rhubarb and cardommom jam -you could use raspberry, blackberry, cherry or any substitute you fancy. I happened to have this jam in my cupboard from a shoot I did with Siucra and well, I love the combo of warm spices with the tart rhubarb and the sweet pears.

Roll the pastry out and keep chilled whilst you prep the pears. Spread the jam on the pastry leaving 1inch gap at the edges, pop on the pears and the fold the edges of the pastry over. I kept mine really rustic because I don't like things perfect and neat and all Stepford. Egg or milk wash so the pastry goes golden brown and cook in a pre-heated 180D oven for roughly 25mins.

Linen table cloth - Created and Found; Knife - Opinel

Tuesday is my hump day......

Tuesday is my hump day......

Mussels for every meal