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A Winter Concoction

A Winter Concoction

This is my new favourite thing. EVER. Seriously. I mean it's healthy, warming, flu busting and just plain good for you. I saw a similar thing on this gorgeous lady's Instagram page and that little 'ding-dong' light went off in my head saying 'I could do this, and change that and ta-dah!'

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say 'I bloody love blood oranges' (not lost on me either fyi) but just look at them. The blast of ruby in amongst that orange, the red juices that trail across everything when opened. I just cannot get enough and now is the time. Not much longer actually if I'm honest, so get as many as you can from the shop right now. Go.


An air tight jar

blood oranges

good quality honey

a good chunk of ginger and turmeric

Slice up your oranges (you can substitute these for lemons or limes) and layer them with grated ginger and turmeric. Always use fresh of both of these...please don't, don't, don't use powdered. Cover everything with honey and then give it a bit of a mash so all the gorgeous citric juices start flowing and mixing with the ginger and turmeric and start to dissolve the honey. Simply add a spoonful or two (slice optional) to boiling water and enjoy.

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