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A little food intolerance talk.

A little food intolerance talk.

It's been such a struggle this last couple of weeks. Ever feel just slightly too tired, slightly too lazy and slightly too blurgh? You too? We're in it together! There's so much going on and currently I don't eat like I want too. I want to eat smoothie bowls and salads. But it's raining and it's cold and I crave hot things like potatoes with oozes of melted butter, roasts with lots of gravy and generally things, that could be worse but also aren't actually that good for my body. 

And so Friday saw me trundle off in my 5 layers, coat and scarf - braving the elements to get my food intolerance test. Himself came with me to pay (great boyfriend I have!) and thank god because at €255 it was crazy ridiculous expensive. I know this is quite a controversial test here in Ireland. I went to Boots and they use the Fitzwilliam test. My Doctor told me I was crazy, food doesn't affect my body - 'um, yeah, ok crazy lady with your medical degree' but my herbalist is all for it. While I know that this is a personal thought, I 100% believe that what I put in my body affects my mood, my weight, my hormones. I don't understand that if you eat meat that's not organic and pumped up full of chemicals how you think that those chemicals don't go into your body.

 So one week from now, I'll get to find out what's not happy in my body, but part of me, and I mean the part that stares at the ceiling at nighttime stressed out of my brain, is utterly freaked out that I'll be allergic onions, garlic or avocados. Seriously. Life. Over. 

I've already kind of gone of meat. I just can't seem to stomach it. I know, there are some amazing butchers and please don't feel that this is me telling you that meat is bad. It isn't. I know that, I just seem to have gone off it.

I'm desperately hoping that this will help me get in tip top shape. Help me to realise what's working for my body and what's not. Help us to have a baby, has anyone got experience with changing their diet to get pregnant? Or by going vegan your hormones have gone in the right way? I'd really love to know, yes I've googled it but I'd like to get some first hand knowledge...Tell me, have you had a food intolerance test? Has it helped you? Let me know please how you've stopped cravings, how you've helped your body to be the best it can. 

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Tuesday is my hump day......

Tuesday is my hump day......