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Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats - again. YAY! I'm certainly getting a little taste for these easy treats to make. They really are so simple and tasty and as my mentioned here, they are so blooming good for our pregnancy bodies. Of course, just like everybody I get super duper bored by making the same flavours however it's so easily adaptable.

Overnight oats for pregnancy by Jette Virdi


The basic recipe is the same as this one I posted a few days ago (link above). Without measuring I usually pour in some oats into a container and cover with water/liquid to about 1inch above the oats level. If I then need to add more liquid after a while of soaking. I do!

handful of goji berries

handful of coconut flakes - if you have time do dry toast them

1-2 tsp of chia seeds - remember that these soak up water so you may want to add more liquid



These are quite literally known as the happy berry. Eating a handful is supposed to make you crack up at everything and lighten your mood. In Mongolia, these little red gems are specifically given to pregnant ladies in their first trimester to help with morning sickness and in general they are just fab. The contain 21 trace minerals (iron, copper, zinc etc) plus have more beta carotene (which is something that works as a precursor to Vitamin A which we need for healthy tissues, skin and immune system) than carrots do and if that wasn't enough are loaded to the brim with Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E


One word. Laxative. As those who are pregnant know (or not if you're lucky) at this point in time when growing a baby, you get a bit, well, bunged up. Eating blueberries is tops for this! While I could just leave this right here and not go any further I won't, there are so many great properties to this berry - liver cleansers, helps with sluggish circulation, great for vision. They can also be fab for treating haemorrhoids apparently - which is another possible symptom of pregnancy. Whoever said growing a baby was a beautiful and amazing thing wasn't telling ALL of it!

The perfect overnight oats for pregnant ladies, recipe by Jette Virdi
Food recipes to help with pregnancy symptoms by food stylist, Jette Virdi
Overnight oats for pregnancy symptoms by Jette Virdi



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