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Miniture tree soup

Miniture tree soup

Oh Autumn, you have us all wrapped up in scarves, hats and gloves. Leaves are falling everywhere and the colours are truly magical. One slight fault however is that I'm just not built for the cold. My body literally stops working. My skin dries up, my mind caves in on itself and I just can't wear enough clothes (5 layers today!). While generally I'm not a fan of soup - the kind you buy in cafes  (I mean, can people PLEASE stop serving carrot and coriander or tomato and basil) - I do however love making my own. And this one is a goodie. I promise. 

Brocoli soup perfect for pregnancy by food stylist Jette Virdi

Let's be honest, when it comes to soup there are some absolutely fabulous pre-made brands out there but, one of the big differences when we make it ourselves is that we can make 100% sure that we're keeping as much goodness within the ingredients as we can. Plus we get to choose our flavours. Boom.


Rape seed oil, salt and pepper

Half a head of broccoli cut into florets

1-ish cm chunk of fresh turmeric, grated

2 spring onions, chopped

2 new potatoes

handful of parsley

vegetable/chicken stock - homemade or I use Kallo

In a small pan, heat the oil with the pepper and once hot add in the broccoli, spring onions, turmeric and potatoes. Stir around until coated. Cover with stock and cook on a simmer for 10 minutes adding in the parsley in the last 2. Blitz and top with chia seeds/chopped parsley/pistachios/chilli flakes.


While raw brocoli is not my thing it contains almost the same amount of calcium as raw milk so I have started to experiment with a little munching if I get it out of the fridge. Let's just remind ourselves that as pregnant women, we are growing bones in our tummy inside our little person. Calcium is a good thing! This green veg is best if we undercook it so that's why the cooking time in this recipe is so low. Please try to just cook it. Your knife should have a little resistance when checking if the broccoli is cooked. I'm sure a lot of you might know that broccoli is part of the brassica family and this whole group is full of anticancer and antioxidant properties. They also work to stimulate the liver and kind of wake up the body. 


If there is one ingredient that my kitchen will never be without it's this (along with onions and garlic). It is just so beautiful, warming, good for you and tasty.  Being half Indian turmeric is a staple and for some reason, it's only within the last 4 years I've started using fresh. Top tip? Store it in the freezer, alongside your ginger, to grate it into dishes. So, what does this little miracle spice do? It's anti-fungle and antibacterial, improves liver function, regulates menstrual cycle, helps the body to digest proteins and is used as an anti inflammatory. It's also said that turmeric is fantastic for your skin so, start using it!


Most commonly known for helping to digest food, parsley has sooooo much more to it than just that. It cleanses the blood, helps metabolism, stimulates the bowel, can help with ear infections and can help you get your groove on (wink wink if you know what I mean!!) Parsley tea is said to help teeth (quite a common symptom of pregnancy is that you have teeth issues!).

Broccoli soup with health benefits to pregnant ladies by Jette Virdi
Soup for pregnancy by food stylist Jette Virdi
Food for pregnancy by food stylist and photographer, Jette Virdi




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