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Cereal making

Cereal making

I'm writing this as this very recipe is cooking and oh wow. My house smells like the perfect cinnamon Autumn day...yummy. So as you may have read, I'm using my diet to help my body as it goes through all the changes that come with baby growing. Today marks our 25th week of being pregnant. Chilli bean (yes that's our nickname for this little person inside my tummy) is currently around 34.5cm long and weighs about 660g. My uterus is apparently the size of a volleyball. A volleyball!! That is a lot of stretching and making room and being, well, being oversized...and imagine, there is still more to come! Another 3months and 13 days till our due date. 

There's been lots of mental changes within me at the moment. The last two days I've been grumpy, emotional and really quite hard on myself (and I'm sorry to say Tom too). Like never before am I worrying about who I will become once this little chilli bean comes out. Will I just be so-and-so's mother? Will I ever get to be me again? Who else worries about this? Currently my breakfast routine is getting a coffee and walking Tom to work then coming home and either eating this recipe that I make ahead of time or bran flakes, blueberries and chia seeds with a yoghurt water (basically l mix 1tbsp natural greek yoghurt with water so I get all the goodness of yoghurt plus water intake and don't drink a whole bunch of milk - which I just can't handle right now). As you can imagine it gets a little boring with just two options and yes, there are plenty of topping variables but I when I came across this recipe by My New Roots I knew I had to try it. Granted I had about 20% of the original ingredients but they turned out so good using the below method too that who cares!

Cinnamon cereal for pregnancy by Jette Virdi, stylist and photographer.



100g teff flour

50g coconut flour

40g dark brown sugar

1tbsp cinamoon

pinch sea salt

50g milled chia seeds

125ml + a little bit more of apple puree that I made here

2tbsp coconut oil

Mix all the dry ingredients together well and then add in the coconut oil and apple puree till you form a dough. Roll it out between two pieces of baking paper and cook in a preheated oven at 160C for roughly 20ish minutes.


There has been so much recently about this "wonder" flour. Personally I love the the nutty deep taste it has but this guy has so much more going for it. It's great for circulation, proper bone and cell growth/development (which let's face it, I'm doing a lot right now!) It's said that Teff can help with the symptoms of diabetes - gestational diabetes is a serious issue in Ireland. It's said that if you get gestational diabetes during pregnancy, not only will you more than likely get it again if you become pregnant again but it is also more likely that you'll get type 1 or type 2 in the future! Teff is also said to optimise digestion and help with heart health. See - it's quite a player!


High in fibre, healthy fats and protein this is a great product if you can get it to work for you. I often find it quite hard to work with but I love adding it in little amounts to things.


This is just a beautiful wonder spice. It's used in certain parts as an antiseptic, for detoxifying and also strengthens and energizes tissue in the body. It can also act as a pain reliever so for all those cramps and stretching we get during pregnancy this is a good one to add. 


A great source of omega 3 fatty acids and always handy to just sprinkle!


Apples are so good for a number of reasons (some of which I explained here ) but they are also really good cholesterol lowering properties plus they are great at reducing inflammation (another joy of pregnancy!)

Eating for your pregnancy by food stylist and photographer Jette Virdi, based in Dublin
Cinnamon cereal to ease your body during pregnancy by Jette Virdi, food stylist
Cinnamon cerea made by Jette Virdi, food stylist and photographer based in Dublin
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