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Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Diet

Diet. It's become such a negative word hasn't it? Well, I don't mean for ONE second that I'm on a diet (like losing weight diet) because I'm sir-ee. I'm actually eating a lot of food, I get full really quickly but I eat little and often. What I'm talking about here is my general diet, the way I eat all the time. Outside of the occasional box of Jaffa cakes - yes I can eat orange and chocolate in this form (and this form only!), my diet is really good. While we (Tom and I) aren't reading baby/parenting books we are looking at my diet and how I can help my body go through the ma-husive changes it's going through using diet and different food product benefits. No doubt I've been influenced by Mother Bees but this is for after you give birth so I've started creating a really good diet for during pregnancy and I thought that it was about time I shared it.

Overnight oats for Pregnancy by Jette Virdi, food stylist, photographer and chef

So we all know Overnight Oats and quite frankly I'm a little bored by the trend but as someone who's not great at planning, these guys come in handy! I make 6 pots at a time, 3 for me and 3 for Tom to take to work and mix it up on every one. This recipe, right here is a really handy one for us pregnant mamas-to-be.


Where to start? These simple little flakes are god-like. Firstly they are the only adaptogen grain and that means that they improve your resistance to stress....What happens when we get pregnant? Our bodies get stressed! And because they help us figure out stress they support our bodies being in a healthy state of balance. They can help stabilise blood sugar, regulate thyroid and soothe not only the nervous but also the digestive system. They can help lower cholesterol and did you know they have a rich silicon content? What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that it helps renew not only our bones but also the connecting tissues - another fab thing for pregnant women! 

Be a little careful when you make them up as adding milk will ferment them and can really affect the way these good things happen. 


I'm sure in recent years you've heard a lot about apple cider vinegar and while I'm all for that being part of your diet, a simple apple a day really will help with so many things. They can help re-activate the good bacteria found in your gut (yay!) and because they are 85% water they naturally help to hydrate not just us but our cells too. Pregnant ladies often have issues with their teeth and apples are actually a really good and fibrous way to clean your teeth! I'm not in any way saying don't brush your teeth too but eating a raw apple can help with gum cleanliness. Those of you who are jam makers know that apples are often used due to their high pectin levels which is also really helpful for our bodies. The pectin content in apples acts as a sort of broom when it comes to out intestines - think of it like a natural colonic if you will - and just by eating one a day can really help to get your bowls going...another common symptom of pregnancy!


I'm 100% sure you've heard of these guys. They have been everywhere in recent times and while I don't believe all the hype I do find they are a great add in to many many things. Chia seeds are just a great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. 


70g Oats  - I use rolled gluten free

roughly 200g water 

a couple of spoonfuls of apple and blackberry compote with a few chia seeds sprinkled.

Apple + blackberry compote = 2 apples chopped up, handful blackberries + 2 tsp water in a pan till soft. Then blitz in nutribullet/processor.

Mix oats and water together, leave for about 10mins then add in the compote and seeds. I make 6 jars at a time so it lasts for a while in the fridge.

Overnight oats  for pregnancy by Jette Virdi
Eating for your pregnancy by Jette Virdi, food stylist, chef and photographer
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