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eeeek, where have i been hiding...well a lot of places including prague and scotland but honestly, i've been so sick this year that my bed has had most of my attention. it's been a pretty big eye opener...3 times sick in 3 months and when the doctor can't find anything in your bloods it kinda freaks you out. so, this week after being sick again i've decided to try an elimination diet....yep. cut out basically everything apart from fruit, veg and fish. as a foodie who is out at least 3 times a week eating at different places my mind is going into overdrive about this loss. but on the plus side it's only for 30 days and then i'll start introducing the odd bit of dairy back into my life. i mean seriously...what is the meaning of life without cheese? but if anyone out there has done an elimination diet i'd love to hear about the ups and downs. 

there are plenty of exciting projects happening in the midst of being sick...i'm starting a bed line range with my dear talented friend agni who owns may28th. we are so excited and nervous and delighted all in one. you'll be hearing plenty about it soon when we launch around may/june. yay! then theres my homeware range which will be coming out in october...think tea towels, napkins, aprons, boards, ceramics and more...i couldn't be more delighted and am currently working on the collection which is eeeek!

and then there are these....all found on i'm so excited to collaborate with them as they do such awesome things and are truly lovely. here's the latest one below

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