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a months travel

oh cold you are. i think my average layer count is 6. oh to a week ago when i was basking in 40d heat in indonesia. back to when i was in the pool, in the sea looking at turtles the size of a car. great moments. now, i've been to bali before about 8 years ago when there was way less tourists and no vegan restaurants at all. this time i was wowed with the design element of most cafes, wowed by the array of vegan and vegetarian food on offer and wowed by how gorgeous the surfers were. yes. totally cliched but hey. travelling around it's the mix of main streets and hectic cars/mopeds next to temples at least 200 years old. the offerings to the gods that the balinese place twice a day outside their front doors mixed with the modern metal/marble fit out of a street cafe. it's a magical turn at every corner, never knowing what to expect....a cow, tourist or a temple. always a surprise, always beautiful.

if you get the chance to go i highly recommend you making the trip. head to the gili islands and leave gilli t behind for the 18 year old jersey shore types instead head to gili meno where diving, beach life and chilled out living is at the forefront. stay in ubud at the onion collective and get into your bendy ways at yoga barn eating all the nosh at earth cafe and bisma eight. if beach is more your style you should head to canggu. take in breakfast at crate, tattoo tuesday at deus and lunch at avocado cafe. life is sweet in me.  

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