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what a week

many of you will know that i recently packed a little day pack and headed off to bali. others will know that when i arrived i was hospitalised and so began this month long adventure of mine. i'm not going to lie, it was a really bad time and made all the worse for it being my birthday, alone and feeling utterly sorry for myself. but, i'm out now! woohoooooo and on the mend. so in leu of having a gazillion and one photos to show you {i haven't really left my bed!}, i thought i'd share the first part of a meeting i had with the talented justina blakeney. if you don't know her you should! i first came across her through  #facethefoliage on instagram and have since been hooked.

she is a talent and a half. kind, smiley, warm and one of my top girl crushes, this lady is making waves bringing boho to the masses. not only has she got a book out {the perfect xmas gift!} but she's just brought out a wall paper line with hyggeandwest {see below} which is so gorgeous and beautiful i feel the need to build an accent wall just for them! when i knew i'd be heading to LA i got in contact with her and managed to wangle a meet where we talked goals, work ethic, spirit animals and more. i'll be chatting about that in another post but for a now...a few sneak peaks....

mince pies

christmassy vibes