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holiday living

holidays a coming, holidays a coming....hells yeah! i'm so excited by the fact i have exactly 2.3 weeks left till i head off to bali for sun, sand and yoga. i'm a real travel light kinda girl which means for the month i'm out there i've whittled my wardrobe down to exactly 20 1 small carry on will do me! these are just some of my pieces I'll be taking with me...

1. this necklace is actually made by my friend dani who i met when i lived in mexico. she's of the sassiest nature and is a dab hand at the old crochet malarky. her jewellery is made from traditional hammock string and old mexican coins...a pretty stunning statement necklace and perfect for the beach! 

2. i love a lightweight dress to chuck over jeans, bikini or some nudey legs...and this one is perfect. 

3. ray bans. need i say more

4. this simple necklace from cos is the perfect minimal jewellery and beachy too...always take a couple of bits of jewellery that don't take up room and don't damage if they get wet/sandy etc.

5. everybody loves a good espadrille and if you don't, get on that bandwagon. generally i go for the textile fabric kind with crazy patterns but i'm obviously moving into a maturer age demographic as these really caught my eye.

6. finally bikini. now i'm not one of those girls who had can just buy any bikini top, or bra come to that matter. i gots a bit more up top and so this is perfect for me...

7. these are one of my favourite pairs of jeans from topshop...nothing beats a boyfriend cut with either a bikini top or a simple round neck t-shirt.

what's your perfect holiday wardrobe look like?

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