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4 female crushes

i'm not ashamed to admit that i regularly have girl crushes. there are so many talented ladies out there, doing wonderful, empowering and super talented creative things that once a month i thought i would share with you by most recent crushes. here are my 4 this month. who are yours?

i first came across lisa on instagram, with her positive words and high end world she inspires me to be the entrepreneur i want to be by being true to herself, keeping positive and believing that collaboration is a good thing.

meet sonja rasula. this lady is the power behind some of the most awesome creative community concepts around. i recently came back from the unique camp, which she founded. you can see pics here

meet emily elyse miller, founder of trends on trends this lady travels around bringing top creative souls together over breakie to create, inspire and collaborate. another recent meet, i'm so excited to say we'll be collaborating in the  new year!

when i met kristin late in 2014, i knew i'd found my inspiration for how i wanted to be when i grew up. sunshine beams out of her, not to mention her photographs are insanely beautiful.  graceful, kindness and talent are all words that would come to mind when i think of kristin.

it's important to look around and be inspired by other women, to support and shout out about their talents. i'd love to hear your girl crushes and why!

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