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stylist. food. creative

The Written Word Workshop

Jette VirdiComment

So here we go. A brand new year where all your creative dreams and delights can totally come true! We're starting it off wonderfully with our Written Word Workshop were we'll be teaching you everything from idea mapping and structure to calligraphy. Plus there will be cocktails and nibbles.....Excited?? You should be! 

In 3 hours we'll be letting you in on tricks and tips and goodies to help you get that creativity flowing. This workshop is for absolutely anybody who wants to write, whether you have a blog, want to start one or just need a push to get going we have everything you need plus some goodies to get you going.

Tickets can be purchased directly from us by filling out this form or you can head on over to eventbrite and purchase your tickets here. Look forward to seeing you all in our most creative year yet!