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The Long Table Suppers, part 1.

Jette VirdiComment

That's right. The Creatives are alive and running like a little fledgling spreading our wings and seeing how much of an impact we can have on those around us and our wider community and Oh my golly gosh! We made it, survived, arrived like a bang! Our very first Long Table Supper was last week on the 4th December in the old Fire Station in Rathmines with all of our profits going to Irish Mens Sheds and it was a roaring success. Roaring I tell you! I'm still in shock because even a week later we're still receiving such kind and positive words about it such as 'blown away' or 'what a spectacular and very refreshing event' I mean, seriously. Wow. 

Like with most things, the first of our events will always be extra bloomin' special. I spent the day and night before decorating and styling the Fire Station, while Hilary O'Hagan chopped her socks off in the kitchen to produce a 5 course meal {it was 'sposed to be 4 but we felt like spoiling people}, Julie Levy spent the evening clicking her camera to give us these beautiful records of the evening, Stefan was my man help, Killian Nolan put together a playlist for us when the live music wasn't happening and Clare Ann O'keefe was a true helper. This event could not have happened without these people. We put our hearts into this project and can only see The Creatives going from strength to strength as so many offered to get involved with or asked us the date of the next one. We cannot thank you enough for supporting us, our dream and The Long Table Suppers. 

Here are a few little tasters of the night....


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