Jette Virdi

Client Stories


Client Stories


Jette Virdi, food stylist works for Dollars and Co


Dollard & co


"We worked with Jette on the pre-launch visual concept of Dollard & Co. Establishing ourselves as leaders in our market through the use of beautiful, minimal imagery was our primary goal, and Jette helped us to achieve a beautiful aesthetic which we feel communicates Dollard & Co.’s message perfectly." Amy Coyle, Digital Marketing Manager

Jette Virdi, food stylist


"As a creative PR agency, we are always looking for collaborators that work with us in the pursuit of excellence for our clients. We have worked with Jette on food styling and food photography for a number of client projects, and always find her exceptionally sunny, positive and open to ideas - but above all exceptionally talented. Her creative eye and understanding of what is visually appealing in the food world is what sets her work apart, and she quckly understands how to tailor output to each client’s particular needs. Every project with Jette feels like it’s been elevated by her input." Amber Brown, Ogilvy Acc Director

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The Chia Collective

"We worked with Jette on the creation of our bespoke imagery used right throughout our brand. From the beginning of the creative process it was clear that Jette had a deep knowledge of styling and its importance to any digital focussed food company. After working with Jette, one thing that strikes you is her professionalism and ability to communicate the task at hand. It is these skills which gives you, as the client, confidence in her ability to achieve an aesthetic which is in keeping with the brand. Although creating a particular look and feel for our brand was important, we still, as business owners wanted to get value for money; Jette understood this and pushed the boundaries of what would be achieved in a single shoot" Luke Coffey, owner

The are Jette Virdi's clients

"As Ireland's leading digital food and drink magazines at we frequently do recipe development, produce cooking videos, and receive product drops. We invited Jette to the office for an in-house food styling workshop to help us showcase any dishes or food products to the highest standard possible. Over three hours Jette worked with us, letting us in on her styling secrets, showing us how best to utilise light , and advising how props can be used to get that perfect shot - including a number of backdrops which we purchased from Jette's own range. Overall, the styling session really helped bring our photos to a new level and stand out on social media."  Erica Bracken